Personalised Lipstick Engraving ​

Engraving Position On Each Casing

Outer Type 1

Outer Type 2

Inner tube

Additional Emoji


For engraving, the number of characters that can fit depends on the character, space and emoji. To ensure legibility and aesthetics, it is recommended to limit the engraving to 8 characters including space and emoji, based on the chosen casing.

Yes, spaces are generally counted as characters when it comes to engraving. This is because spaces take up a certain amount of width or length, just like any other character. Therefore, when determining the number of characters that can fit for engraving, spaces should also be taken into consideration.

Engraving an emoji on a lipstick is possible but depends on the machine’s capability and the casing. We offer a selection of emojis to choose from, which can simplify the process.

Engraving small text or designs is not recommended for some reasons. Firstly, small engravings may not look elegant or neat, especially if the font or design is intricate. It also can be difficult to see small engravings clearly, which defeats the purpose of engraving.