Do I need Lip Mask or Lip Balm?

Overnight Lip Mask vs Moisturising Lip Balm? Are you tired of dealing with dry, flaky and chapped lips? It’s frustrating when you want to rock your favorite lipstick, but your lips just won’t cooperate. Thankfully, there are special treatments that can give your lips the extra care they need. Enter the world of overnight lip […]

Why My Lip Balms Have White Dots On It?

lip balm with grains white dot

Why my lip balms have white dots on it? You just bought one of the best seller lip balms from Lips Carpenter, your lips feel smooth and moisturised in just a few days after using the lip balms. And you may notice grains or white dots on the surface of the lip balm. Has this […]

Why Use Zero Waste Lip Balm?

Why Use Zero Waste Lip Balm? From Plastic to Paper, Going More Eco-friendly Most commercial lip balms are packaged in plastic tube. When we first started Lips Carpenter, we also had our lip balms in plastic tube. After a while, we realized that we are creating so much waste as a brand. So we decided […]

How to use eco-friendly lip balm in paper tube?


How to Use Eco-Friendly Lip Balm in Paper Tube? It’s easy to use eco-friendly lip balm! Let’s go #ZeroWaste As soon as you get used to it, you will LOVE it! 1. Open  2. Push – push out 1 to 2 mm from the bottom, avoid over-pushing. 1-2mm is sufficient to apply.  3. Apply – […]

Did You Know Lipstick is Refillable?

Did You Know You Can Refill Your Lipstick? Do you always find it wasteful to get rid of lipstick casing especially a pretty one? If you have gotten a lipstick from us, don’t throw away the lipstick casing after finish using. We offer lipstick refill service! Not only that, this saves you a lot more […]

How to Find the Best Natural Makeup Remover

Finding the Best Natural Makeup Remover Removing makeup is the most important step for a good skincare routine. Going to bed with makeup and dirt not properly removed, can be the worst thing you do to your face!  So, what kind of makeup remover is suitable for you? There are so many types of makeup […]

Do’s and Don’ts for Chapped Lips

Say Bye to the Annoying Chapped Lips Are you annoyed that your lips are constantly feeling dry and cracked? Couldn’t resist to bite off the dry skin on your lips?  And once you bite it off, the pain comes and your chapped lips become worse. After years of assisting customers with chapped lip problems, we have […]