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FAQs About Lip Balm

Try both! Many love them both. And many customers have said these are the best lip balms they have ever used! Check out our customer testimonials.

Midnight Recovery Lip Balm – slightly oilier so the moisture is absorbed in more easily. It also has a pinch of peppermint oil for relaxation. Good for dry, cracked and dark lips.

Honey Ginger Lip Balm – thicker in texture for longer moisturising protection. It has slight ginger oil for lip soothing. Good for dry, cracked and sensitive lips.

Apply 4-5 mini circles from left to right for lower lip, followed by upper lip. Our lips will be able to absorb the lip balm better this method.

We know it is frustrating. With our many years of experience providing advice on lip care, here are our key findings:

  • Do not lick your lips – saliva makes your lips even more dry!

  • Do not peel your lips – absolutely no!

  • Stay hydrated! 2.5 litres for ladies and 3.5 litres for gents, every day!

  • Apply thick layer of lip balm with our recommended mini circle method, in the morning and before you sleep. If needed, apply it after lunch too.

We intend to do our part for sustainability. Our lip balms are in eco-friendly paper tubes that are degradable. Did you know plastic takes 500 years to decompose while paper tube takes less than 2 years? Imagine the waste we are creating if each of us uses three plastic lip balms a year, on top of all the other food, beverage, electronics and beauty products we use daily? A lip balm if used daily can last for about 3-6 months, so yeah, just keep it clean at your best effort (just relax for the OCDs), even if the paper gets a little dirty, just wipe it off! 😉 In less than 6 months, you are getting a new one!

It’s easy.

Step 1: Open the cap

Step 2: Push the balm out from the bottom by 1-2mm

Step 3: Apply on the lips

Step 4: Tap on your palm or any hard surface to keep the balm and then close cap.

Our lip balms could be softer than most, given its rich moisturising nutrients, so keep them in cool, dry and dark place under room temperature and keep it away from heat and sunlight. Do not leave it in the car.

We pay a lot of attention in formulating our products with clean ingredients. The Midnight Recovery Lip Balm and Honey Ginger Lip Balm are the results of our years of R&D and fine tuning. They contain rich natural oil and butter like coconut oil and cocoa butter to moisturise, protect and soothe sensitive lips. Speak with us if you need extra help with sensitive lips.

No, our lip balms have no petroleum jelly. Why not? Petroleum jelly works as a barrier, a wall to avoid moisture from escaping our lips. But what we really want is to moisturise the lips and also avoid moisture from escaping. This is why lip balms with the natural plant oils, butter and beeswax work better to moisture lips and seal moisture.

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