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Get the best lip balm for chapped lips

Say Bye to the Annoying Chapped Lips

Are you annoyed that your lips are constantly feeling dry and cracked? Couldn’t resist to bite off the dry skin on your lips? 

And once you bite it off, the pain comes and your chapped lips become worse. After years of assisting customers with chapped lip problems, we have put together Do’s and Dont’s for dry lips and cracked lips! 

Start practicing them for healthy looking lips!  

The Do's and Dont's for Chapped Lips

If you have chapped lips, DO… 

1. Keep yourself hydrated

You may have heard enough of “drink more water”. But trust us, this is really at the top of the list when it comes to lip care. Drinking plenty of water will do wonders for your entire body too.

The general rule thumb is to drink 2 liters per day for ladies and 3 liters for gents. 

2. Apply lip balm throughout the day and also before bed

If you have dry or cracked lips, you shall apply lip balm daily! Be generous, apply thick layers especially if you sleep under a fan or in air-conditioned room. The dry cold air tends to make lips dry further. 

We also have a secret application method to boost lip balm’s efficacy! Instead of smearing a big lazy circle, use the “mini circle spiraling” method. Spiral 4-5 small circles for upper lip from one side to the other and then do the same for lower lip. This method provides thicker and fuller protection with the balm fully absorbed in. Try it and let us know!

3. Get a good lip balm

Different products work differently for everyone! Find the best lip balm that works for you. Get one that truly moisturizes your lips. You might like our [natural lip balm] as loved by more than 10,000 customers. These lip balms are made with moisturising ingredients like organic coconut oil and cocoa butter to deeply hydrate cracked lips and prevent further water loss from the lips. It is designed to work well even for people with sensitive lips!

Find out more about these lip balms here

If you have chapped lips, DON’T … 

1. Lick, bite or peel your lips

It may be irresistible. But this is one of the biggest no-no. The more you lick, the faster it dries up. Did you know as saliva evaporates, it takes away the remaining moisture that is in it too? The situation gets worse if you start biting and peeling the cracked lips which then leads to bleeding lips.

2. Use matte lipstick to cover cracked lips

If you are wondering if there is a short term solution from chapped lips, there isn’t really. Using a strong coverage lipstick, matte lipstick or lip tattoo will make the cracks worse. It will further dry up your lips and the cracks get worse. We recommend opting for lipstick that is more butter or creamy, and applying lip balm before lipstick.

treat dry lips and cracked lips

Ready to have healthy and smooth lips? If you have any lip concern, Live Chat with us! We’re happy to share what we learned from others with cracked lips. 

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