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Lipstick Colour Guide

Choose the Best Lipstick Shade based on your Skintone

Best-selling Lipstick Shades


Nude Red

Work Day Look


Natural Maroon.


Nude Pink



Orchid Pink


Nude Brown Red

Naturally Gorgeous


Deep Magenta


Peachy Red

Cute and Casual


Soft Rose


Classic Blue Red

Classic Red Look


Classic Blue Red


Ruby Red



Classic Deep Red


Orange Red



Tomato Orange

Lipstick Color in Lips Carpenter


Not only that our lipsticks are customizable, they are also clean and sustainable. Our lipsticks are made with natural oil and butter like coconut oil and cocoa butter so they are creamy and good for the lips. We offer lipstick refill service just so your lipstick casings are given second life as a way to make cosmetics more eco-friendly. And you can personalise from Casing, Colour, Scent and also Add your name on the lipsticks.

Everyone can just wear any lipstick shades they like, there are no hard rules. If you are a beginner in choosing the best lipstick shade, let’s keep it simple.

Check out our Quick Guide on best-selling shades for different skin tones and occasions.

Ask yourself would you like a natural looking tone or a vibrant and eye catching tone? If you like natural tones, check out our Low Profile series. If you like vibrant tones, check out our Look at Me series.

If you would like to read more about lipstick colours, check out our detailed blog on how to choose the best lipstick for me. 

If you would love to speak to our beauty consultant, tap on Live Chat button below to get recommendations from us.

We only do creamy, buttery and balmy lipsticks as we focus on healthy natural oils to deliver gorgeous buttery and slightly shiny finish.

Nope. Our lipsticks are not kiss-proof and waterproof unlike lip tattoo, lip liquid or lip matte. We focus on designing lipsticks with natural base that are good for the lips and comfortable to wear every day.

Check out the following tones for natural makeup look:

  • Nude Red (Code LP6) – best for fair and medium skin tones
  • Natural Maroon (Code LP13) – best for medium and tanned skin tones

Check out the following tones for bright, vibrant and stunning makeup look:

  • Ruby Red (Code LM7) – best for all skin tones
  • Classic Blue Red (Code LM8) – best for all skin tones
  • Classic Deep Red (Code LM13) – best for medium and tanned skin tones

We have quite some options for orange lipstick. Here are a few popular options for orange tone:

  • Vibrant Orange (Code AT8) – a sharp and brick orange
  • Orange Red (Code LM6) – a perfect blend of orange and red for a stunning chili red lipstick look

Yes! Here are the three best-selling lipstick shades inspired by Korean drama looks:

  • Peachy Red (Code LP5) – best for all skin tones.
  • Nude Peach (Code AT7) – best for fair and medium skin tones.
  • Orchid Pink (Code LP2) – best for all skin tones.

Here are some tips to avoid lips from drying or cracking:

  1. Wear only lipsticks that are made with moisturising natural oils and butter like ours 
  2. Avoid lip matte and lip tattoo that tend to make your lips tight and dry
  3. Apply lip balm 15 minutes before lipstick
  4. Use hydrating lip mask overnight.
  5. Stay hydrated throughout the day

As our lipsticks are made with natural ingredients like coconut oil and cocoa butter, we recommend to finish using in 8 months. It may last longer if it is kept under dry and cool condition. Avoid heat and direct sunlight. If you are not using the lipstick for a few months, put the lipstick in the fridge (not freezer). When you are ready to use it again, take it out from the fridge, let it sit in room temperature for an hour or so, and it is good to use again.

Yes, lipstick refill is available! When one lipstick is refilled, there is one less waste on earth #ZeroWaste #SustainableBeauty. If you have bought our lipsticks, you can send your lipsticks back to us for refill. Read here to find out how you can refill your lipstick.

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