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Thoughtful Chinese New Year Customised Gift for your Relatives

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Chinese New Year is just around the corner, and with it comes the joyful ritual of exchanging gifts to shower our loved ones with good luck and well wishes. But who wants to give your mom another ang pow or your favorite auntie yet another box of pineapple tarts? This year, let’s break the mold and surprise them with something very thoughtful, truly unique and personal on Chinese New Year – a gift that whispers, “I was thinking of you.”

Enter the world of personalised lipsticks, where ordinary beauty tools transform into stunning keepsakes. Imagine your mom’s radiant smile as she unveils a lipstick engraved with her name, beautifully carved on a case that brings good luck. Chinese New Year symbols. It’s more than just makeup, it’s a symbol of your appreciation, a whispered blessing for prosperity and joy in the year ahead.

Unveiling 4 Lipstick Treasures:

1. The Blooming Beauty: A Journey Through the Design

From Brushstroke to Lipstick Case:

  • Imagine: A delicate Chinese fan, not just painted on the case, but swirling across it, its every curve echoing the movement of the dance. The fan isn’t static, it’s alive, breathing with elegance and grace.
  • Embodied Elegance: This isn’t just a design, it’s a manifestation of elegance. Every line, every flourish speaks of sophistication and refinement. This lipstick case isn’t just a tool, it’s a statement, a declaration of class and poise.
  • Prosperity’s Promise: The fan, in Chinese culture, is a symbol of good luck and prosperity. This design carries that tradition, offering its owner the promise of a successful year, a life painted with vibrant possibilities.

Whispers of Story:

  • Growth and Success: Each stroke of the fan’s design tells a story. It whispers of resilience, of blossoming from a delicate bud into something grand and beautiful. It’s a reminder that success doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a journey of growth and perseverance.
  • Family and Tradition: The Chinese fan also holds cultural significance, a link to generations past. This design honors that tradition, making it the perfect gift for mothers who cherish family and heritage. It’s a whisper of shared history, a bond that transcends time.

Vibrant Possibilities:

  • A Year Awaits: This lipstick case isn’t just a beautiful object, it’s a promise. It’s a promise of a year ahead, a year bursting with potential and possibility. Every time the mother picks it up, it’s a reminder to embrace the vibrant colors of life, to paint her own masterpiece.
  • More than Lipstick: It’s a symbol of hope, of resilience, of beauty that blooms even in the face of adversity. It’s a reminder that every woman, like the delicate fan, holds the power to create her own elegance, her own prosperity, her own vibrant tapestry of success.

The Blooming Beauty isn’t just a design, it’s an experience, a story, a whisper of promises etched in a swirl of elegant strokes. It’s a tribute to mothers, to tradition, and to the vibrant possibilities that lie ahead.

2. Love Locker: Unlocking a Treasure Trove of Friendship

Vintage Charm, Modern Love:

  • Picture a scene: Not just any locker, but a vintage one. It’s not just functional, it’s full with character, its shape and color whispering tales of countless love stories passed.
  • Gleaming Gold, Fiery Red: This locker isn’t shy about its passion. Gleaming gold accents dance across the fiery red surface, a visual representation of love’s intensity and vibrancy. It’s not a quiet affection, it’s a bold declaration, a fireworks display of the heart.

Symbolism of Enduring Happiness:

  • Love Lockers: In some cultures, couples attach padlocks to bridges or fences, symbolizing their unbreakable bond. This Love Locker case carries that tradition, a reminder that your friendship, like a sturdy lock, will weather any storm.
  • Everlasting Happiness: The fiery red, often associated with joy and celebration, paints a picture of a future filled with laughter and light. This case is a talisman, a promise that your friendship will be a source of constant happiness, a warm ember glowing even in the darkest of times.

Whispers of Shared Stories:

  • Unbreakable Bond: Each scratch and dent on the vintage locker tells a story of shared secrets, whispered jokes, and adventures embarked upon together. This case echoes that sentiment, a physical manifestation of the memories you’ve built and the laughter you’ve shared.
  • More than Friendship: This isn’t just about casual acquaintances, it’s about a bond that goes deeper than words. It’s about knowing each other’s vulnerabilities, celebrating each other’s triumphs, and being there through thick and thin.

Vibrant Shades, Painted Joy:

  • Shades of Sisterhood: Imagine the lip colors reflected in the locker’s gleaming gold – warm oranges, playful pinks, and perhaps a touch of sunshine yellow. These are the shades that paint your friendship, each hue representing a facet of your shared journey.
  • Lips Painted with Joy: When your sisters or friends pick up this case, let the vibrant shades inspire them. Let them paint their lips with the joy of your connection, a silent reminder of the laughter and love that bind you together.

The Love Locker isn’t just a lipstick case, it’s a celebration of passion, a testament to enduring friendship, and a canvas for painting vibrant memories. It’s a whispered promise that no matter what life throws your way, your bond will remain, a gleaming beacon of love and joy.

3. A Wish on Crimson Wings: Soaring into Longevity and Love

Crimson Majesty:

  • Picture a scene: Imagine a lipstick case not adorned with mere patterns, but graced by a creature of legend: the red-crowned crane. Its wings, a tapestry of crimson feathers, unfurl against a backdrop of elegant black, a symbol of regality and grace that takes flight. This isn’t just a design, it’s a portal to a world of ancient myths and whispered wishes.

Longevity and Good Fortune:

  • Red Crane symbolise: In many cultures, the red-crowned crane is revered as a symbol of longevity and good fortune. Its graceful movements speak of a life well-lived, its scarlet plumage a beacon of prosperity and joy. This case, then, becomes more than a cosmetic accessory, it’s a talisman, a silent blessing for your wise grandmother or treasured mentor, wishing them a life as vibrant and enduring as the crane’s crimson wings.

Elegant Gift, Unspoken Blessings:

  • Secret in it: This gift transcends the mundane. It’s a whispered promise of love and respect, a gentle reminder of the profound bond you share. Every time your grandmother or mentor picks up the case, the crane’s graceful form whispers unspoken blessings, painting their lips with the colors of your affection and wishing them a life filled with health and happiness.

Whispers of Wisdom and Shared Stories:

  • Memories shared: The crane, in its timeless elegance, also embodies wisdom and knowledge. It’s a silent tribute to the lessons learned from your grandmother or mentor, the stories shared over steaming cups of tea and laughter-filled evenings. This case becomes a vessel for those precious memories, a tangible reminder of the wisdom gleaned and the love shared.

Vibrant Colors, Gentle Reminders:

  • Shade of fortune: Each shade of lipstick within the case echoes the crane’s majesty. A touch of fiery red whispers of passion and strength, a soft pink like the blush of dawn speaks of tenderness and love. With every swipe of color, your grandmother or mentor is reminded of your unwavering support, your love a vibrant thread woven into the tapestry of their lives.

More than a Lipstick Case:

A Wish on Crimson Wings isn’t just a beautiful design; it’s a heartfelt expression of love and respect. It’s a wish whispered on the wind, carried by the wings of a majestic crane, soaring into a future filled with longevity, good fortune, and the warmth of your unwavering bond.

4. Whispers of Spring: A Tapestry of Joy and Renewal

A Lush Canvas of Springtime Joy:

  • Imagine: Picture not just a green case, but a verdant haven. Imagine a canvas brimming with life, where emerald grass meets the gentle blush of dawn and tiny wildflowers peek through like hidden treasures. This isn’t just a color, it’s an invitation to step into a vibrant spring garden, bursting with hope and possibilities.

Delicate Blooms, Bursting with Energy:

  • Positive energy: The green isn’t just a backdrop, it’s a stage for delicate floral blooms to steal the show. Imagine tiny watercolor blossoms in a kaleidoscope of colors – sunshine yellow, blushing pink, playful lavender – each one an ode to spring’s joyful energy. They’re not just decorations, they’re whispers of renewal, reminders that beauty can bloom even in the most unexpected places.

Renewal, Growth, and Fresh Beginnings:

  • Flourish life: This Flowery Green case isn’t just a pretty face, it’s a symbol. The lush green evokes the promise of new beginnings, a blank canvas on which to paint dreams and aspirations. The delicate blooms whisper of growth, reminding us that even the smallest bud can blossom into something extraordinary. This case, then, becomes a talisman, a wish for your niece or a younger cousin to embrace the year ahead with the boundless energy of spring.

Gift of Vibrant Possibilities:

  • Blessed year: When you gift this case, you’re not just giving an accessory, you’re sharing a message. It’s a whispered promise of a year filled with vibrant possibilities, a kaleidoscope of adventures waiting to be unfurled. With every touch, your niece or cousin is reminded that they hold the power to paint their own masterpiece, to bloom into the person they dream of being.

Whispers of Laughter and Shared Dreams:

  • Memories captured: Imagine the stories this case will collect. Picture stolen glances in the schoolyard mirror, secrets whispered between giggles, and dreams shared under the warm spring sun. This case isn’t just an object; it becomes a treasure chest of memories, a tangible reminder of the laughter and shared dreams that blossom from the bonds of family and friendship.

Vibrant Shades, Painted Dreams:

  • Fresh shade: Each shade of lipstick within the case becomes a splash of color on the spring’s canvas. A playful coral whispers of sunny days and whispered secrets, a touch of berry echoes the first blush of a summer romance, and a soft, pearlescent pink speaks of innocent dreams taking flight. With every swipe of color, your niece or cousin paints their own masterpiece, leaving their vibrant mark on the world around them.

More than a Lipstick Case:

Springtime Symphony isn’t just a design, it’s a celebration of life’s renewal, a gentle reminder to embrace the boundless possibilities that lie ahead. It’s a whispered wish for your niece or cousin to bloom into their most vibrant selves, painting their own masterpiece with the joyful energy of spring.

Beyond Lipsticks: Gift Ideas to Spread the Joy

While our personalized lipsticks are sure to steal the show, sometimes, a little variety is nice. To truly make this Chinese New Year special, consider pairing your lipstick with other thoughtful gifts:

Happy Bunch

Spread the joy a little further this year with a collaboration that brings laughter and beauty together. Choose a playful and vibrant flower bouquet from Happy Bunch, like their “Lucky Fortune” arrangement with Carnations and Bright Pink Tassel, and add-on a touch of personal lip care with a Lips Carpenter product that complements the floral theme. It’s a delightful surprise that’s sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face and leave them feeling pampered

Floral Garage

Ring in the Lunar New Year with vibrant blooms and auspicious arrangements from Floral Garage! Floral Garage MY delivers stunning flowers, gifts, and hampers across Malaysia, with free same-day delivery and a wide selection for every occasion. Don’t forget to use code FLG10C at checkout for 10% off your order at Floral Garage!

Jodie Phalaenopsis Orchid (1 stalk)


Imagine delicate orchids or vibrant lilies arriving on your doorstep, a burst of color and fragrance to celebrate the new year. BloomThis offers stunning flower arrangements, each carefully curated to convey your emotions. Choose a bouquet that reflects your loved one’s personality, sending a silent message of your affection and care.

Eu Yan Sang Hamper

For the health-conscious, a beautifully curated hamper from Eu Yan Sang is a delightful way to show you care. Filled with premium bird’s nest, nourishing teas, and other traditional Chinese delicacies, it’s a gift that speaks of well-being and prosperity.


For the fashion-forward friend, a stylish piece from DoubleWoot is a way to add a touch of modern chic to their New Year celebrations. Their collection features vibrant dresses, trendy accessories, and comfortable loungewear, all perfect for ringing in the Year of the Dragon in style.

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