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lip balm with grains white dot

Why my lip balms have white dots on it?

You just bought one of the best seller lip balms from Lips Carpenter, your lips feel smooth and moisturised in just a few days after using the lip balms. And you may notice grains or white dots on the surface of the lip balm. Has this happened to you? You must be wondering what are they?

Do not worry – the lip balm is good to use and works great to moisturise!

Our lip balms can get grainy. Typically, the other commercial lip balms are silky and smooth. However, natural lip balm with high amount of natural butter (usually shea, mango, or cocoa butter) can sometimes have a gritty or granular texture. This is due to the fact that lip balm is frequently placed in many locations, including our purses, backpacks, pockets, and vehicles. These are the environments in which the lip balm is subjected to a wide range of temperature changes.

Why does it become grainy?

Since our lip balms are made with natural unrefined cocoa and mango butter, sometimes you can see that your lip balm has white spots on it. This is actually called "blooming". It is not uncommon for products that are made with high percentage of natural butter appears grainy. This is not a reflection on the quality of the butter, but rather a reaction to changing temperature the lip balm is exposed to.  

natural butter cause blooming

Getting into the science of it

There are various fatty acids within the butter. These fatty acids melt and cool at different rates and temperature leading to graininess, in finished goods or fresh butter, this process is also known as crystallization. Crystallization may take place right away, or it may only show up several months after the product has been manufactured – particularly if the product was exposed to temperature changes while being used, stored or transported. If the chilling process (the process of cooling down) is too slow, the fatty acids may crystallize into clumps aka grains, which gives the lip balms a grainy texture. If the process known as tempering, which involves rapid cooling, is carried out, the fatty acids will cool down in very short amount of time together which will prevent grains from forming due to slow cooling process, hence the lip balms will be smooth.

Because butter is a natural product, its chemical composition will change depending on the region of the world from which it is derived and/or the climate that prevails in that region during the time of year in which it is produced. The manner in which a raw component is processed, transported, and stored can also have an effect on the way it functions in the final product.

cocoa butter blooming issue

Should I throw away my lip balm?

The lip balm is good to use even with the white dots!

Lips Carpenter only uses natural ingredients for our lip balms. Due to the fact that our lip balms are made with natural ingredients, it is prone to melting in the heat when subjected to fluctuating temperatures. We only utilize clean ingredients that are beneficial to you, and we avoid using ingredients that are unnecessary. The less complicated it is, the better!

Due to the absence of any chemicals, emulsifiers, or stabilizers in our lip balms, it is rather sensitive to the effects of heat. When our lip balms are left in handbags or anywhere that are warm, it may melt, it may re-solidify into a gritty consistency after it has cooled as it is not cooled rapidly. This is the outcome of melting cocoa or mango butter at a low temperature and letting it cool at a slow rate, which causes it to crystallize. Since the butter has larger molecules than coconut oil, it melts and solidifies at a different rate than coconut oil does. This is one reason why many lip balms products on the market typically contain additional synthetic chemicals to stabilize the products or they just don’t use as much butter like we do. These ingredients ensure that the molecules of the various oils and butters combine evenly, producing a texture that is consistent and stable even under varying temperature.

You must then be wondering; why don’t we add these ingredients? It is an additional component that is improving its appearance, but it is not absolutely required in our opinion. In normal conditions, the texture of our lip balm is nice and creamy; the only time it has the potential to become gritty is when it is exposed to high and low temperatures. Therefore, we don’t want to add in extra element and synthetic ingredients for appearance reason. The grains are indeed super moisturising and pose no health risk, and they dissolve when come into touch with the skin. Indeed, these butters are one of the key reasons why our lip balms are loved by thousands of customers! They moisture and soften lips.

Don’t worry if this happens to your lip balm; it’s still good to use! Lip balm with a grainy texture is still effective. So don’t throw away this good lip balm because of the graininess, we strongly advise you to give it another go to be revitalized. That’s the beauty of clean beauty, keeping the ingredients clean and simple.

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